50 Rounds of 17gr HP .17HMR Ammo by CCI


  • Manufacturer                                   CCI
  • Condition                                          New
  • Weight                                              17gr
  • Projectile Type                                 HP
  • Ammo Use Type                            Varmint Hunting
  • Casing Type                                   Brass
  • Quantity                                           50
  • Caliber                                             .17HMR
  • Primer Type                                     Rimfire
  • Muzzle Velocity (ft. per sec)          2550
  • Muzzle Energy (ft. pounds)          245

50 Rounds of 17gr HP .17HMR Ammo by CCI

.17HMR Ammo by CCI:

CCI was founded in 1951 by former Boeing machinist Richard Speer, who decided to enter the industry after seeing his brother’s success with Speer. Richard’s original plan was to produce proprietary rifle cartridges, but because it was following the end of World War II, there was a serious shortage of raw materials. Faced with the inability to proceed with his initial plan, Richard instead opted to come up with his own primer formula. The non-corrosive, non-mercuric formula he came up with did well, and today CCI remains well known for their quality primers, among other things.

These particular CCI rounds are for your .17 HMR. At 17 grain these are both incredibly lightweight rounds but also the standard size for this cartridge. These are Jacketed Hollow Point, or JHP, rounds and begin to expand immediately upon impact. Their jackets control expansion, allowing bullets to penetrate more deeply, creating a larger wound track. Each of these rounds moves down-range at the incredible muzzle velocity of 2550 feet per second and impact targets with a muzzle energy of 245 foot-pounds. This ammunition is designed for hunting varmints such as coyotes and small game like rabbits and squirrels.

When you place your order for this single box of ammunition you get 50 rounds. These boxes are just the right size for stashing in your pack when you’re heading out calling coyotes. These are CCI’s TNT rounds, designed for fantastic speed and clean kills. You bring the shot placement and CCI TNT will handle the rest. CCI manufactures ammunition at their longtime factory in Lewiston, Idaho, right along the banks of the Snake River. All ammunition is produced according to exacting standards and must undergo rigorous testing and strict quality control measures. If you want to hunt varmints, you need speed on your side, and that’s what you get with CCI TNT. Order now, and get ready to smoke some coyotes.


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