.308 Win Ammo

500 Rounds of 147gr FMJBT .308 Win Ammo by PMC


  • Manufacturer                                  PMC
  • Condition                                        New
  • Weight                                            147gr
  • Projectile Type                               FMJ
  • Ammo Use Type                             Range Training
  • Casing Type                                   Brass
  • Quantity                                         500
  • Caliber                                          .308 Win
  • Primer Type                                   Boxer
  • Muzzle Velocity (ft. per sec)          2780
  • Muzzle Energy (ft. pounds)          2522
  • Magnetic                                       No

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500 Rounds of 147gr FMJBT .308 Win Ammo by PMC

.308 Win Ammo: If you’re a hot-shot like Discreet Arm‘s Vice President of Target Mastery , you want to make every shot count and sometimes it is just fun to blast away at a target as fast as you can for as long as you can. For those times when you need trigger time, Discreet Arms is proud to offer PMC’s (Precision Made Cartridge), 308 Winchester (7.62 X 51 NATO) packaged in 25 boxes of 20 rounds each. Each round of this brass cased ammunition is boxer primed and loaded with 147 grain FMJBT (full metal jacket boat tail) projectiles.

The boat tail profile of the bullet allows the projectile to remain more stable in flight and increases accuracy. Whether you are sighting in a precision bolt-action rifle or want to blast away with an AR-10, M1A, HK 91, SCAR 17 or FAL, this case of 308 will guarantee plenty of great times at the range.

PMC manufactures all of its ammunition components for the Bronze line which exceed the standards set by NATO and the US Military. For reliability, consistency and an affordable price look no further than the Bronze line by PMC.


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