Dan Wesson Wraith


• Frame Material: forged stainless
• Slide Finish: Distressed Duty
• Grips: G10
• Overall Length: 9.5ʺ
• Barrel Length: 5.75ʺ
• Height:
• Width: 1.5ʺ
• Weight: 2.64 lbs.
• Trigger Mech: single-action
• Front Sight: high front night sight
• Rear Sight: high night sight
• Safety: manual thumb safety, grip safety


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The frame features a 1911-style side-mounted thumb safety, a beavertail grip safety and excellent 25 LPI machined checkering on the front strap and mainspring housing. This precision checkering really makes the gun feel solid in the hand, as does the uniquely cut, jagged grip pattern of the G10 grip scales. Overall, the grip and purchase of this 1911 is as good as any I’ve ever held. It absolutely helps in terms of accuracy and recoil mitigation.

The mag well is oversized and flared for quick indexing and intuitive reloading of the 8-round, singe-stack magazine. Finally, its single-action trigger breaks at 4 pounds, 5 ounces and is as crisp as a cracker with negligible creep. It is excellent and no doubt contributes to the gun’s stellar accuracy.

Field Testing
Like most premium 1911 handguns, the Wraith is easy to shoot well, thanks to its tacky grip, overall weight, relatively long sight plane and premium match-grade barrel. Even with hot 10mm Auto loads, recoil was absorbed nicely and allowed quick and accurate follow ups. At long range, however, the gun really shined. I consistently hit a paper-plate target at 35 yards from a combat stance without a rest. With a rest, keeping shots on the plate at 50 yards was not a problem. Make no mistake, however, this 2.6-pound handgun is not one you’re going to tuck away under a t-shirt and conceal. It is to be worn in a holster on the outside of the waist with a sturdy belt—but its size is also what makes it a pleasure to shoot and shoot well.

During the course of testing—even during the first couple 100-round break-in period wherein jams are most common among all guns—I experienced only one malfunction, a stovepipe that was quickly fixed. Its tolerances are very tight, yet it handled all the ammo I fed it.


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