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Ruger LCP II pistol


  • Highly concealable
  • Single-action trigger
  • Internal hammer
  • Larger, serrated sights
  • Beefed up backstrap
  • Aggressively textured grip
  • Locked-breech system
  • Glass-filled nylon frame
  • Hardened steel slide
  • Auto slide hold-open latch
  • 6-round magazine

Ruger LCP-II pistol for sale online. Best-in-Class Lightweight Compact Pistol, a single-action trigger pull. Buy Ruger LCP-II pistol for sale.

The Ruger® LCP II Semi-Auto Pistol is similar to the incredibly popular original LCP, with added features for enhanced accuracy, fire control, and overall user function. The LCP II features a single-action trigger pull, with an internal hammer that won’t snag when drawing the weapon. The sights are larger and serrated for superior visibility. A beefed up backstrap with an aggressively textured grip frame provides better distribution of recoil forces and a secure hold. The LCP II comes with an automatic slide hold-open function for faster reloading; and it includes finger grip extension for the magazine floorplate. The frame is made of lightweight and highly durable glass-filled nylon, and the alloy steel slide features an anti-corrosive black finish. All sharp edges have been eliminated on the LCP II to aid in concealment and to reduce wear on clothing. Unlike many small semi-automatic pistols that operate with a blowback action, the Ruger LCP II operates on a locked-breech system, which mitigates recoil and does not necessitate the user to pull the slide back against an excessively heavy recoil spring during loading. The Ruger LCP II Semi-Auto Pistol comes with one 6-round magazine, and a pocket holster.