Winchester .410-Gauge 2-½-in #4 Lead Shotgun Shells for sale



Advisory Information Shipping Nationwide
Ammunition Type Shotgun
Assembled Weight (kg) 0.02 kg
Assembled Weight (lb) 0.05 lb
Non-toxic When Used as Intended No
Number of Pieces 25
Pellet Diameter (in) 0.13 in
Pellet Diameter (mm) 3.30 mm
Product Use(s) All-Purpose
Shell Colour Red
Shell Length (in) 2.50 in
Shell Length (mm) 63.50 mm
Shooting Velocity (ft/s) 1243.44 ft/s
Shooting Velocity (mps) 379.00 m/s
Shot Type Lead
Shotgun Gauge 410 Gauge
Wad Material Plastic

Winchester 410-Gauge 2-½-in #4 Lead Shotgun Shells for sale

Introducing the Winchester 410-Gauge 2-½-in #4 Lead Shotgun Shells, a must-have for any hunting or shooting enthusiast. These top-of-the-line shotgun shells are crafted with precision and care to ensure optimal performance and accuracy in the field or at the range. Whether you’re pursuing small game or honing your marksmanship skills, these high-quality shells are designed to deliver exceptional results.

With a 410-gauge size and 2-½ inch length, these shotgun shells are compatible with a wide range of shotgun models, making them a versatile choice for hunters and shooters alike. The #4 lead shot provides excellent penetration and is well-suited for hunting small game such as quail, rabbits, and squirrels. Additionally, the #4 lead shot is also ideal for target shooting, offering consistent and reliable performance with each pull of the trigger.

When it comes to ammunition, reliability is paramount. That’s why Winchester has earned a reputation as a trusted name in the industry. These 410-gauge shotgun shells are no exception, delivering the consistency and dependability that hunters and shooters have come to expect from Winchester products. Whether you’re in pursuit of game in the field or honing your skills at the range, you can trust Winchester to provide the ammunition you need to succeed.

In conclusion, the Winchester 410-Gauge 2-½-in #4 Lead Shotgun Shells are a superior choice for anyone seeking high-quality ammunition for their hunting or shooting endeavors. With their reliable performance, versatility, and precision design, these shotgun shells are sure to enhance your overall shooting experience. So why settle for anything less than the best? Choose Winchester for ammunition that exceeds expectations and helps you achieve your hunting and shooting goals.


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