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The term “customer is King” often used by marketers is the policy we use. This statement alone gives us a benchmark or a certain standards on what to do in order to yield the most satisfaction to our clients.

There’s an online agent at any given time of the day to answer any questions that will be posed by the clients and they’re highly skilled professionals with excellent approach.

Clients can either ask their questions live on the live chat, or submit an inquiry in the contact section, call/ text or can contact us on wickr.


Our privacy policy protects the buyer fully. The information collected during an order or during an inquiry is used only to serve the client. Either to respond to the client’s inquiry or to process the order and deliver to the client. We don’t use your private information to promote our business and we don’t sell or give it out to any third party.

Also, safety is our priority when handling orders and also making deliveries. All products are sent with at least a handbook. Whether used or brand new, the products must come with at least a manual. The packaging too helps to avoid any damages to the both the product and or any other item being transported by the courier.


If you’re interested in purchasing more than 5 units or certain category of products, then please contact us for more information and discounts.




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